High intrauterine insemination


The purpose of HIUI is to bring more and more mobile sperm closer to the egg at the time of ovulation than compared with natural intercourse. Reasons for following this treatment include a slight sperm cell abnormality, a reduced patency of the cervical canal of the uterus or unexplained infertility.
The sperm are processed in the intermediary structure for sperm cell processing, ‘Cebiodi’. This is a lab that is monitored by the government and has been accredited to carry out this procedure.

This video shows what happens with sperm cells before and after after preparation for IUI. Note that sperm cells are much more mobile after preparation.

Practical info : On the day the HIUI is planned, the man must produce a sperm sample in the designated recipient. He should preferably do this at home and keep the sample warm until it is handed over to the Cebiodi lab. He must do this at 7:30 a.m. sharp, together with the special application document.
From 10 a.m. the woman may be called to the fertility consultation for the insemination. This is a painless procedure. The sperm cells are inserted into the top of the uterus via a small plastic tube.
Important!! Before the insemination, a blood sample must be taken from the man to rule out any infection that could be transmitted via the sperm cells. If this is not done, insemination cannot legally take place! This blood test is carried out maximum 3 months prior to the insemination and remains valid for 2 years.