Step 2 : Collecting the eggs

In this procedure, the eggs are extracted from the follicles with a needle via the ultrasound probe. The fluid from the follicles is immediately examined by an embryologist and the egg placed in a culture medium. After the procedure (pick-up) you are told how many eggs your doctor has obtained.
Egg cell aspiration is carried out mainly under sedation. In this case, you remain partially conscious and pain-free. You breathe independently and do not therefore need a tube inserting in your throat. After the procedure you are quickly fully awake again.
On the same day the man produces a sperm sample that is processed to isolate the best sperm cells from the seminal fluid and to fertilise the eggs.

Practical info : The egg cell aspiration procedure takes place in the IVF lab of the LUFC. (see plan) Eggs and sperm can be processed in optimal conditions there. You will be given an appointment by the planning centre of the IVF lab. Egg cell aspiration is carried out 35-37 hours after administration of an ovulation medication (Pregnyl). For this you will stay in the LUFC’s day surgery. You must fast prior to the procedure. After the procedure you will be offered a light meal.

Correct timing is incredibly important!! You must inject your Pregnyl at precisely the designated time!