Becoming pregnant through the Reception of sperm/eggs

The donation program of our ferility clinic works in collaboration with the Leuven University Fertility Center (LUFC) for couples, lesbian couples and signle woman.  

We also refer patients for The program Donor-IUI and Donor IVF-ICSI for single woman  to the fertility center of the Jan Palfijnhospital in Gent of Dr. Decleer. 

We refer patient for the program egg-reception/donation to UZ Brussel: contact person Prof. De Brucker


If you wish to be included in the donation programme, you will have one or more counselling meetings with a psychologist who will help you in your decision-making process.

Donation/Reception is mostly anonymous although known Donation/Reception is also possible. In the latter case the prior meetings with the psychologist will be more intense so that there will be a good understanding and a clear agreement between donor and aceptor.