Becoming pregnant through the Reception of sperm/eggs/embryos


The donation program of our ferility clinic works in collaboration with the Leuven University Fertility Center (LUFC) for couples and lesbians. Lufc doesn't accept single woman.

The program Donor-IUI and Donor IVF-ICSI for single woman collaborates with the fertility center of the Jan Palfijnhospital in Gent of Dr. Decleer. 

The program egg-reception/donation works in collaboration with Prof. De Brucker in Halle


If you wish to be included in the donation programme, you will have one or more counselling meetings with a psychologist who will help you in your decision-making process.

Donation/Reception is mostly anonymous although known Donation/Reception is also possible. In the latter case the prior meetings with the psychologist will be more intense so that there will be a good understanding and a clear agreement between donor and aceptor.