Surgical repair of Fallopian tubes after the woman has been sterilised

It is often, but not always, technically possible to surgically repair the Fallopian tubes after a woman has been sterilised. Before proceeding with ‘refertilisation’, your fertility doctor will check what technique was used at the time of the sterilisation operation. ‘Cauterising’ the Fallopian tubes causes such damage that it is impossible to repair them.
The fertility doctor will also briefly check whether other significant aspects of your fertility and that of your partner are in order.

Practical info : After the examination by the fertility doctor you will be given an appointment with one of the gynaecologist-surgeons of the gynaecology department. He/she will discuss the arrangements for the operation with you.

Chance of pregnancy after refertilisation: if all other aspects of the couple’s fertility are good, the chance of pregnancy following the surgical repair of the Fallopian tubes will also be good. On average, two out of three women become pregnant spontaneously within a year of the repair operation. If a woman has not become pregnant after a year, it may be assumed that the Fallopian tubes have sealed up.

Alternative: IVF
If the fertility doctor feels that the chance of pregnancy following the repair operation is too small, he will discuss IVF with you as an alternative to a repair operation.