Donor insemination

Indicaions : Donor IUI can be an answer in certain circumstances such as : 

   - abscense of spermcells in an ejaculate or after micro-tese in the male partner

   - genetic problem that makes the use of the spermscells of the male partner inappropriate

   - lesbian couples

   - single woman

We don't offer IUI-D to people without an adress in Belgium.



Costs : a donor sperm sample cost about 500€. The procedure of insemnation is reïmboursed by Belgian mutuality. Without reïmboursement this procedure costs 250€. IUI-D is always done in a monitored cycle with or without hormonal stimulation.

Anonymity : According to Belgian Law there is a guarantee on anonymity for the donor. This is currently under debate and may change in nereby future.

Screening donors : All candidate donors undergo a full medical, psychological, infectious an genetic screening. Despite this a congenital anomaly remains possible just as is the case after a natural pregnancy.

Known donation : Belgian Law permits this possibilty on the condition that there is an extensive agreement between donor and acceptor. The known donor also has to undergo a full screening. His spermcells will be frozen before we use theme sice a fresh donation necesitates a specific an expensive infectious screening.

Collaboration :  We don't have our own sperm bank in FCB. We refer couples tot the donorbank of LUFC. This means that screening of acceptorcouples, counselling and monitoring are done in our center but the actual insemenation is done at the LUFC by our own doctors. You will always see a  trusted face.

For single woman we also refer to the donor bank of AZ Jan Palfijn in Ghent.