IVF with donor eggs

Indication : - when a woman has no (more) eggs ; this condition is called menopause. sometimes menopause strikes at a (much) younger age. A woman can have a test on the risk of premature menopause at the consultation Fertility

                 - If the quality of your own eggs is insufficient to create good quality embryo's during an IVF cycle.

                 - Some genetic problems can make the use of proper eggs inapropriate.

We don't accept woman without an adress in Belgium to participate in the program

Bring a candidate donor along : donating eggs is more complicated than a donating a sperm sample. As a consequence there are fewer egg donors.Bringing a candidate egg donor to our center (for anonymous or known donation )  will shorten the waiting list very much.

Donating eggs : Belgian Law garantees anonymity for a donor. This is currently under debate and may change in the future.

Screening of donors : candidates are screened medically, psychologicaly and geneticly and undergo also an infectious screening. Nevertheless a child can be born wiht a conginatal anomaly just like it is the case after natural conception.

Known donation : Belgian Law allows known donation on the condition that donor and acceptors are extensively counselled and sign a mutual agreement. The known donors are sceened just like in anonymous donation

Fresh donation : In the past this was the preferred method since there were difficulties in feezing eggs. This has been overcome and nowadays we rarely use fresh donation, since there is a need for sinchronising the cycle of the receptor with the stimulation cycle of the donor and there is an obligation for a specific and costly infectious screening.

The Egg Bank : Nowadays we freeze all donated eggs and we will thaw them afterwards when a receptor is ready.

Egg reception for single woman : We refer to UZ Brussel: contact person Prof De Brucker for this program

Double donation : We refer to the fertility center Jan Palfijn in Gent

Egg reception in women over 43 : we referwith the Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante