Mission statement

The FCB stands for a personal, high-quality approach to fertility problems for couples and singles who are not able to achieve pregnancy by themselves. The FCB obtained a license as centre  for reproduction type A . This means that we can offer both exams and treatments in collaboration with a type B center. We can now offer not only hormonal stimulation, insemenation but we can also do egg retrievals in our day clinic. The follicular fluids and the semen samples are then transported to our collaboration B center for fertilisation and embryo culture. Transfer of embryos is performed in the university Clinic by our own doctors. We combine university knowledge with an accessible and patient-friendly fertility clinic



We work according to the principles of a care-traject. In this traject we explane our methodology. We keep track of our results en we follow the coouples trouhghout the whole proces. We work en a small team of doctors and midwifes. You will soon know everybody. Procedures in the University hospital are done by our own doctors so that you will encounter familiar faces at all times. Phsychological support is offert where needed.