Blood test

A blood test can tell us a lot about the health and function of the body. 

A blood test during menstruation can tell us a lot about the regulation of the female cycle and possible disruptions to this cycle. We also get an idea of the number of eggs a woman still has in reserve in her ovaries. After all, women do not produce these continuously like men, and sometimes a reduced number of eggs can be an important indicator of reduced fertility.
A blood test in the second half of the female cycle can tell us whether ovulation is taking place and whether this is of sufficient quality.


Infections leave antibodies behind that can be detected. An analysis of the chromosomes can tell us whether the body has difficulty producing normal sperm or eggs, or can tell us whether someone is carrying hereditary disorders.
For a normal pregnancy, the woman must be in good general condition. Blood group and rhesus factor must be known.

Practical info: at the initial consultation the doctor gave you one or more prescrioptions for  blood samples. You can use these at the consultation/blood testing of the Cebiodi lab (consult. building 1st floor route 990) any day of the week between 8 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. On Saturdays, blood tests are by appointment (tel. 022219191). Blood samples cannot be taken at the lab on Sundays.