Routine spermiogram

A sperm analysis tells us a lot about male fertility. The volume of a sperm sample comes from the prostate and seminal vesicles, the sperm cells, from the testicles, are mixed together during ejaculation. Their number, mobility and appearance are important.
Because the quality of a sperm sample can vary massively between fertile  men and even with the same man between two ejaculations, a second sample collection is often planned, which may or may not involve a capacitation test.

Practical info : At the first consultation your doctor will provide you with an application document and a recipient.  This document must be stamped and signed by the doctor. A sperm analysis is always carried out by appointment with the lab cebiodi You can make an appointment by calling: 02 891 09 56 . You can also book an appointment for this test in Etterbeek. 02/7345334.
The results of the sperm sample will be discussed at the discussion consultation.