Dr. Meeuwis and dr. Guisset are affiliated to Leuven University Fertility Centre, or LUFC for short. Sint-Jan clinic has a collaboration agreement with UZ Leuven. All IVF techniques can now also be offered in Sint-Jan clinic. Your doctor at Sint-Jan will accompany you through the entire process and is also your attending doctor at the LUFC.

Principle : in IVF, the woman’s eggs are removed from the body and fertilised ‘in vitro’ with the husband's sperm. Stimulation generally ensures that several eggs mature at the same time. T

his technique provides us with an insight into the quality of the eggs, the fertilisation process itself and the early development of the embryos.

Why : Reasons for using this technique include Fallopian tube problems, the age of the woman, long-term unexplained infertility, seriously impaired sperm cell quality, failure of other techniques.

Practical info : at an intake discussion the midwife will explain all aspects of IVF to you in detail. You will be given a timetable for the progress of the procedure, and the various medicines you are being prescribed will be explained to you; there are also agreements that have to be signed.