Step 5 : after-treatment

You must take medication to support the implantation. Without this medication there is no chance of pregnancy! The medication is either Utrogestan/progebel ovules 200 mg 3x/day or Crinone gel 1x/day or amelgen ovules 2/day or inprosub injection 1/day.
Rest after the treatment: you will usually be entitled to one to three days off work after the pick-up. After the transfer you should avoid sudden movements and excessive effort (to protect your ovaries, which are still swollen). There are no specific measures that can be taken to promote implantation.

Pregnancy Test : Approximately two weeks later (day 15 after pick-up) you will return for a consultation (fertility monitoring) in Sint-Jan clinic. A blood test will determine whether or not you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, you must continue taking the implantation-supporting medication. If you are not pregnant, you can stop taking the medication. Menstruation will then follow.
If you have frozen embryos left over from this cycle you can quickly start again for a thaw cycle. Often no stimulation of the ovaries is required in this case.
If you do not have any frozen embryos, you must take some rest for at least one month.