If no sperm cells are found in an ejaculate a biopsy of the testicle can be taken to see whether there are any sperm cells in the testicle itself. If this is the case, the biopsy tissue can be frozen. In the best case, this will give us enough sperm cells for several IVF-ICSI attempts.

Why?: Abscense of spermcells in an ejaculate can be explained by either an obstruction or a diminished or absent production of spermcells. In the former the chance of finding spermcells will be rather great, in the latter clearly less. Some men don't produce spermcells at all or only at specific spots inside the testikel. In this case it is important to use the micro-tese technique.

Practical info : For this you will be given an appointment with Dr Ward our uro-andrologist at St John Hospital.  He will discuss the indications with you and tell you if there is more or less chance of finding usable sperm cells.
A biopsy is organised in collaboration with the LUFC. Their biologist will check the biopsie pieces and in the case off presence of spermcells he will freeze them

Cost : TESE will be reömboursed by Belgian social security. Without this the totl cost for the surgical intervention and the hospital stay will be aroun 1000. The lab cost for processing the biopsies is estimated at 500€. The cost foor freezing and storing is also around 500€ (not reimboursed). Legally these spermcells are stored for a period of 10 years. This period can be prolonged at your request.