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Hysterosalpingo foam sonography
HyFoSy is an outpatient ultrasound examination that allows us to confirm the permeability of the Fallopian tubes and examine the contours of the uterine cavity.
As a contrast agent for HyFoSy we use an inert sterile gel foam, the advantages of which over a saline solution (SIS) are greater contrast and a greater accuracy of the examination.
HyFoSy is a safe and well-tolerated examination, does not require hospitalisation or the use of a general anaesthetic, X-rays or contrast agent containing iodine.
The reliability of HyFoSy is comparable to that of HSG and HyCoSy.
One condition for the examination is a negative culture from the vagina and the cervix (Go culte, UMC), and we ask the patient to bring the results with her.
Difficulties with the examination and the interpretation of the results may arise in the event of a narrowing of the cervical canal, muscle spasms and tubes, etc. In obese patients, echogenicity is limited.
The results of the examination are available immediately, the results are best interpreted directly during the examination (compared with HSG, the photo documentation is less informative).
The HyFoSy examination is less reliable than LSK with chromoperturbation (around 10-20% of Fallopian tubes that are actually permeable are not confirmed), but the advantage is the lack of a need for hospitalisation and general anaesthetic.
Cost of the service: health insurance companies reimburse this service starting from July 2017

The HyFoSy examination can be ordered directly from the reception of GYN-FIV.